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In its 55th year, the Baltimore Choral Arts Society will celebrate major choral masterpieces and Beethoven’s 250th anniversary with our 2020-21 Season: Ode to Joy. Our four-concert subscription series will also include favorites by Bach, Mozart, and Poulenc, with thrilling musical and visual collaborations sure to unite, invigorate, and inspire. Join us for a season of celebration, and rejoice in great choral music!


Baltimore Choral Arts is ready to be flexible for whatever the future brings for the arts in regards to COVID-19 and social distancing. We hope that you will consider showing your support by purchasing your PICK2 Subscription and join us in a joyful noise. In the event of concert cancellations, Baltimore Choral Arts will always give you the option for a full refund of your ticket purchase. 


*Please note: Balcony seating in Shriver Hall Auditorium and Baltimore Basilica is not available in the subscription seating package.

Notice: Baltimore Choral Arts Society, Inc. has leased or rented facilities from the Johns Hopkins University. However, Baltimore Choral Arts Society, Inc. and any programs operated by Baltimore Choral Arts Society, Inc. are not related to or affiliated with the Johns Hopkins University in any way. Baltimore Choral Arts Society, Inc. is an entirely separate legal entity with no connection to the Johns Hopkins University aside from the temporary use of facilities for the specified program.

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Includes Center seating at Shriver and Premier Front seating at the Basilica.

Includes Side seating at Shriver and Front Floor seating at the Basilica.

Includes Front seating at Shriver and Middle Floor seating at the Basilica.

Includes Rear seating at Shriver and Rear Floor seating at the Basilica.

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