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In its 54th season in 2019-20, the Baltimore Choral Arts Society will chart thrilling sonic voyages, taking a musical journey through America, England, Hungary, Italy, and Vienna during their four-concert subscription series, and travel to England for a 10-day tour in January 2020. Music Director Anthony Blake Clark stated “This prestigious invitation to perform with England’s City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra is a high honor and amazing opportunity. It allows Baltimore Choral Arts to share great American choral culture as well as take part in England’s profound choral tradition, culminating in performances with one of Europe’s top orchestras.”

Shriver Hall Auditorium

This Choral Arts on Tour theme also extends to the new concert home of Shriver Hall Auditorium. The building has undergone stunning and much-anticipated renovations. This auditorium now provides new comfortable seating, upgraded lighting systems, acoustic improvements, modernized HVAC systems, new restrooms, flooring and ceiling renovations, and beautifully re-finished public spaces.


*Please note: Balcony seating in Shriver Hall Auditorium and Baltimore Basilica is not available in the subscription seating package.

Notice: Baltimore Choral Arts Society, Inc. has leased or rented facilities from the Johns Hopkins University. However, Baltimore Choral Arts Society, Inc. and any programs operated by Baltimore Choral Arts Society, Inc. are not related to or affiliated with the Johns Hopkins University in any way. Baltimore Choral Arts Society, Inc. is an entirely separate legal entity with no connection to the Johns Hopkins University aside from the temporary use of facilities for the specified program.

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