Choral Arts on Tour!



Click the links below to read reviews of our Mahler 8 performances

with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra:

The Arts Desk - "Words were comprehensible, dynamics were observed with absolute unanimity and the mightiest perorations had a recognisably musical shape and direction..."

Bach Track - " Episodes of finesse and delicacy were every bit as impressive as the work’s deafening climaxes."

The Guardian - "...with tremendous energy, giving a spiky, almost shrill edge to its orchestral interludes, and favouring aural impact over long, beautiful vocal lines."

The Reviews Hub - "The clarity and articulation from all exemplary in a work where the text is all-important and the climax has the desired effect of ‘taking the roof right off’ Symphony Hall."

Seen and Heard International - "The massed choirs gave their all in the tumultuous passages of Part I and made a thrilling sound...more impressive – was their incisive singing in the more delicate passages."

Slipped Disc - "From roof-raising frisson-inducing power to utmost delicacy – Mahler’s “blessed youths” sounding truly angelic – they were inspired."

The Times - "...gargantuan, voluptuous, glittering rapture..."

Kindadukish Blog - "the stars of the evening were the five choirs assembled for this demanding piece of music."

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