Planning in an Unpredictable Time

May 15, 2020

In this maelstrom of rapidly changing social distancing rules and the avalanche of concert cancellations, how is Baltimore Choral Arts planning its future?

Two concepts come to mind first—flexibility and values.

We know that no one can promise anything with certainty during this crisis. The dizzying changes come almost daily. All we can do is be ready to be extremely flexible for whatever the future brings for the arts.

So, Baltimore Choral Arts and Music Director Anthony Blake Clark are planning:
• a full 2020-2021 season.
• a wide variety of disruption scenarios when concerts have to be modified, postponed, or canceled.
• for social distancing and safety rules that change rapidly.
• to put additional focus on our online content.

All of these scenarios keep the same values top of mind.

We value:
• our singers, who are primarily volunteers who generously give their time and talents because they believe in the power of choral music.
• the needs and safety of our audiences. Their investments in Choral Arts will always be used wisely and safely. If concerts must be changed, they must know that they can always get refunds.
• the students we work with, who are facing enormous stress and distraction.
• our collaborative artistic partners, who enable us to reach a wider audience and perform repertoire we might not be able to do alone.
• the generosity of our donors, who are also being pulled in a thousand directions in this crisis.
• our Board members, volunteers and staff who are working through the commotion to keep Choral Arts ahead of the Chaos Curve.

After flexibility and values, the next guiding principle is our enduring vision for the critical role for music in our community. These difficulties only increase the need for the transformative power of music. We know that coping with the isolation now required is enormously stressful. One way we are providing music is to redesign our website to include more easily accessible music, videos, and podcasts for you to enjoy from your home.

This website also features Music Director Anthony Blake Clark’s insightful series of conversations with some of the leading figures in the choral world. More digital content is on its way!

Until we are able to meet again in song... Stay safe. Enjoy music.

Jack A. Fishman
Executive Director